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Sunset On Cho Oyu And Clouds, Nepal

Sunset On Cho Oyu And Clouds, Nepal

As mentioned in yesterday's post, Cho Oyu, standing 8201m (26,906'), juts into the atmosphere so much, it creates its own weather. Of the times I've seen the mountain while visiting Nepal, it regularly has lenticular clouds or other formations streaming from the summit.

This shot was taken soon after the monsoons had stopped in Nepal but before the crystal clear (and equally frigid) days of October and November had begun. It is a sweet spot I prefer for my photo travels as the clouds are what breathes life into mountain photos. I can only withstand so many perfect, clear days in a row because the mood of the mountains does not change. Not so with clouds. Here, Cho Oyu is plowing into a fine evening cloud bank that streams from the summit toward Mount Everest in the East.

Just one moment of light is all it took for this pale sight to come to life and put a smile on my face before returning to the warmth of the potbelly stove in our teahouse dinning area.